Marine Parade Eatery is the creation of three local Kapiti Woman, all who have been working in the hospitality sector for the last 12 years.This combined love for the industry has seen the Eatery evolve into bustling the hub it is today.

Meet the Ladies, business owners, foodies, mothers, hustlers and just straight up good chicks behind the scenes:

Fiona Greig

Fiona Greig


Age:  32

Hospo History: Trained chef. Had worked at the Front room for 5.5 years
Food philosophy: Tasty food that’s done well. Using good ingredients, the right techniques and just plain old passion for serving amazing food.
Best Eatery moment: Watching the staff grow and reaching there own personal goals. Feeling my own sucess which was to create food that people would love .
Fave dish to date: Can’t pick one. Each have there own place with different seasons with different ingredients. I love them all that’s why I create them, and I spend a lot of time thinking and creating the food that is for menus. I try to be outside the box when thinking of them.
Benefits of motherhood and business: Not sure there’s benefits but maybe showing my kids that you can do whatever you love, be successful in doing and you can put your heart and soul into it.
Eatery described in three words: Food. Wine. Family
Kelly Rees

Kelly Rees

Bizzo buddy

Age: 29
Hospo History: Worked at coast to coast cafe after college, stayed for 6 years then started pursuing my own venture and took on Beach Road Deli, Paekakariki in 2010. Then returned to coast to coast in 2011 to start another business which is now Marine Parade Eatery.
Business in food philosophy: To run successful businesses of a high standard. To support my family, my community and the people I employ to realise potential.
Benefits of motherhood and business: Benefits are raising kids that see first hand they can do anything no matter the circumstances. Mum doing what she loves. The goal is to get our business to work around us and our families, hard yakka but that’s where we are heading
Eatery described in 3 words: Fresh. Vibe. Quality.


Eatery Host

Age: 32
Hospo History: Worked in Paekakariki Cafe and Beach Road Deli for 5 years. Completed a small business management certificate. Had a hospo sabbatical in Rarotonga and came back intending to settle into a business and took on Beach Road Deli Paekakariki. 2 years later also took on what is now Marine Parade Eatery.
Host and service philosophy: Treat people like they are in your home. Connect, be perceiving and above all else be genuinely interested in the humans that choose to come into our space.
Best Eatery moments: Definitely opening Marine Parade from scratch and seeing it develop over the years with an ever growing team and cool business partners, and especially meeting all the people we get to host everyday, the backgrounds, the stories and the laughs.
Benefits of motherhood and business: Having a little person remind you that although you are a hard working business woman with time constraints and a sky high to do list,  when your child is smiling everything else that has happened in a day can stand still for a time. Family can sometimes be a juggle but alternatively can help you stop and appreciate the world.
Eatery described in 3 words: Atmosphere. Comeraderie. Satisfaction


50 Marine Parade, Paraparaumu


Saturday – Thursday / 7.30am – 4pm
Friday / 7.30am – 9.00pm


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